Hello! I'm Alex Stevovich and Colors in the Sky is my creative visual arts business and portfolio. With over two decades of experience and countless completed projects, I have delivered award-winning design work characterized by a clean, innovative visual style. My approach embodies technical precision and beauty, with each piece uniquely crafted to showcase content in the best light possible.

Alex Stevovich
Visual Artist etc.
The Voice of Reason
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I earned a BFA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduation, I started a small design freelancing business and eventually found a niche working with art galleries which expanded to include museums. A significant portion of my portfolio showcases my expertise in presenting fine arts, where a subtle design approach allows the artwork to shine. For other projects, my adaptable and strong visual style can meet the needs of any project effectively.

To improve my work, I branched out into new domains to master the techniques needed for high quality modern production. This led me on a journey of mastering many diverse skills and is now embedded into my life as a source of enrichment.

What Sets Me Apart

  • Polymathic Journey: My multi-disciplinary approach empowers my individual skills and allows me to keep costs low with in-house solutions and efficiencies from my developed generalist skill set. I encourage you to explore my portfolios and see the evidence of my prolific and high-quality output.
  • Eclectic Influences: I am a dedicated student of art history and modern design, both Western and Eastern, and I look to nature for inspiration. While much of my work resides in refined sectors like museums and institions, I also regularly practice in more fantastical and whimsical art endeavors. These proficiencies and influences imbue my work with subtle, almost intangible notes of interest and appeal. This blend is a hallmark of my unique style.
  • Commitment to Excellence: I have achieved a 100% project completion rate across all domains as a solo developer. My small-scale operation allows me to thoroughly understand each client’s unique needs, and to create long-lasting strong partnerships. It facilitates a unified vision of the goals of the project which makes a seamless and cohesive result.
  • Passion: I am driven by a deep passion for mastering the crafts of visual expression. The outcomes and experiences created through these projects are what I strive for, and I consider it an honor to collaborate with others on their creative pursuits.
  • Experience: Beyond the visual arts my portfolio represents my ability to successfully communicate and manage projects at scale to ensure success. I can take the lead on a project entirely or function in a team. My understanding of the nuances of manufacturing and production ensures that all projects are completed to modern industry standards.

Hear from My Clients

Alex’s willingness to take on the great variety in the Hudson River Museum exhibitions and to give a cohesive, linking look to them all has garnered praise for the Museum from reviewers and visitors. From Peacocks to the Panama Canal his thought-through exhibition development and arresting catalogs and brochures have promoted the Museum and its message with verve.
Bartholomew F. Bland
Deputy Director, Hudson River Museum
Working with Alex on the Wood Creek Horses website has been nothing short of a wonderful experience, thanks to his terrific sense of design and deep techinical knowledge. His finished product expertly captured the look, feel and functionality we were after, and we couldn’t be more pleased with how easy he made the entire design process.
Lisa Hankin
Wood Creek Horses, Paddock Particulars
It was a pleasure to work with you; you made a challenging project easy to accomplish thanks to your creativity and expertise!
Lina Russo
Simches & Companys
Thank you so much for doing all of this work for us - You're amazing, and a Life Saver! You're a tremendous support system and help to PCBG,Inc./AVSF. The AVSF Website wouldn't exist without your assistance and skills, it's impressive, and everyone loves it
Joan Pasquale
Director, Allston Village Street Fair


Much of my design work was done in collaboration with my longtime editor and friend, Linda Locke. Linda has consistently contributed her keen eye and creative insights to our projects, significantly enhancing the quality of our print design and layout work. I extend my heartfelt thanks to her for lending her incredible talent and ideas to make these projects shine.

No AI Used throughout my Portfolio

None of the work on this site or across my portfolio is AI artwork; nor have I used AI to generate concepts for any artwork. I believe AI has powerful usages as a tool but feel strongly that any artwork I present publicly as my own should be fully unique creations by myself from start to finish in concept and in artisic creation.

A Note on Layout Design

A portion of my design work revolves around the layout and design of presentations featuring other people's content. For instance, designing a publication or advertisement that showcases an artist's work. It's important to clearly differentiate between my role as the layout designer and the original artist whose work is being presented. My goal for these is to showcase my ability to enhance artwork through thoughtful visual layout and typography to give it a strong presentation.

My portfolio also includes a significant number of my own original artworks. I strive to provide detailed captions to avoid any confusion and to clearly distinguish between my design work and my original art.