Script Design Services

I specialize in creating unique and immersive scripts for fantasy languages, designing characters, symbols, and scripts that add depth and authenticity to your fictional worlds. In addition to conceptual design, I also offer font development services to turn these scripts into fully functional, usable fonts.

Ancient Rydanian font glyphs for a fantasy language designed and developed by Alex Stevovich. ©Alex Stevovich
Ancient Rydanian font glyphs for a fantasy language designed and developed by Alex Stevovich. ©Alex Stevovich


  • Fantasy Glyphs: I design intricate and imaginative fantasy scripts tailored to your world. Whether for a novel, game, or other creative project, my designs ensure that your fictional language has a visually appealing and cohesive script.
  • Character and Symbol Creation: From alphabets to complex symbols, I create characters that reflect the cultural and aesthetic themes of your fantasy world. Each design is unique, enhancing the lore and depth of your project.
  • Custom Font Development: Once the script design is complete, I can develop these characters into a functional font. This includes creating font files that can be used in various applications, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the script into your work.
  • Proprietary Font Services: For specific display needs, I provide fonts with a proprietary look. Whether for branding, marketing, or in-game text, I design custom typefaces that align perfectly with your project's requirements.

Key Strengths

  • Innovative Script Design: My approach combines artistic creativity with linguistic insight, resulting in scripts that are both visually captivating and linguistically coherent. I ensure that each script feels authentic and enhances the storytelling of your project.
  • Versatility in Design: I have experience across various genres and styles, allowing me to adapt to the unique needs of each project. From ancient runes to futuristic alphabets, my designs cover a broad spectrum of fantasy themes.
  • Attention to Detail: With the ability to transform script designs into functional fonts, I offer a seamless transition from concept to application. This ensures that your fantasy language is not only beautiful but also practical for use in various media.

Contact Me for Your Next Project

Ready to bring your fantasy language to life with bespoke script designs and custom fonts? Contact me today to discuss how my script design services can add depth and authenticity to your project. Let's work together to create captivating and usable scripts that will make your world truly stand out.