Motion Graphics Development Services

My motion graphics services bring dynamic and visually engaging elements to your videos and I service both live broadcast streams primarily for youtube and pre-recording video such as documentaries and tutoriials. This includes creating animations, lower thirds, title sequences, and other graphical enhancements that can elevate the overall viewing experience.


  • Animations: Custom animations to illustrate concepts that enhance narrative and storytelling.
  • Lower Thirds and Titles: Professional motion graphics for names, titles, and on screen text.
  • Broadcast Graphics: Scoreboards, tickers, counters, and popups for live broadcast.
  • Connectivity and Complex Display: As a veteran programmer there's no limit to the complexity of effects and display I can achieve.
  • Interface: I can provide a stand alone interface to manage all your effects from.
  • Augmented Reality: I can provide projection graphics into green screen or dimensional overlays over broadcast, for live recordings I specialize in Unreal Engine for this task, and for pre-recorded footage I am a skill digital production artist and can make anything imaginable possible.
  • Virtual Avatar: I can model, retopologize, weight, rig, and integrate virtual avatars, or provide any of those services uniquely for live broadcast.