Motion Illustration Development Services

Motion illustration is a modern need of taking still artwork and animating it so that the image comes to life and feels like a looping movie instead of a still. Generally it involves adding subtle movement and breathing to the character, and dynamic movement given to the background and light. I am a proficient Motion Illustrator with most of my experience being in comic and character art however my skills can be applied to any image that needs to come alive in beautiful animation.


  • Quality and Consistency: Animation is about believability in the small details, the easing between directions, the desyncrhonization of what the user is seeing. I'm a master animator and can capture the subtle traits which truly pour life into animation.
  • True to the Original: The aniimation will ring true to the original artwork with enhancement and life, and no distractions or over embelishments which might diminish the soul of the artwork.
  • Dynamic Patterns: If you need out of loops effects, like intros, outros, crashdowns, bursts I can deliver more complex sequences and the cutting edge of modern Motion Illustration. For more complete needs I can push the project further. Some things might be out of bounds of what is possiible in Motion Illustration but I invite any challenge, and I can generally find a creative solution.

Key Strengths

  • Animation Master: I'm primarily a 3D animator but a lot of the skills carry over to 2.5D. I have 1000s of complete 3D animations and while Motion Illustration is not as in demand I've complete many projects over the years in 2.5D. As a master animator your artwork will vividly come to life using the full range of modern
  • Adaptability: My designs are adaptable to the specific requirements of each project, maintaining a unified standard of excellence.
  • Production Expertise: I understand the nuances of compression, file formats, sizes, and compatibility related to distributing movie files online. I can devise a strategy and provide an array of files to ensure successful integration and display of the work anywhere.

Do you need your images brough to life with dynamic motion?

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