Art and Design Historical Consulting

Leverage my scholarly expertise in art and design history to ensure authoritative accuracy and in-depth research for your projects. Whether you are creating a time piece, film, written work, or any project that requires historical precision, my consulting services provide the insights and authenticity you need.


  • Historical Accuracy: I ensure that your projects accurately reflect the historical context and aesthetics of specific time periods. From the smallest details to the overall visual style, I provide guidance to maintain historical integrity and authenticity.
  • Research and Analysis: Conducting detailed and thorough research, I support your projects with credible and authoritative information. My research services delve deep into historical sources, providing a solid foundation for your work and enhancing its authenticity.
  • Curatorial Advice: I assist with the selection and presentation of artworks and design elements for exhibitions and projects. My expertise ensures that every piece is accurately represented, contributing to a visually appealing and historically accurate presentation.

Why Work With Me

  • Scholarly Expertise: With extensive knowledge in art and design history, I offer authoritative consulting that ensures your projects are historically accurate and well-researched. My background enables me to provide insights that enhance the authenticity and depth of your work.
  • Research and Analysis: I provide meticulous research and analysis, drawing from a wide range of credible sources. This thorough approach guarantees that your projects are backed by accurate and reliable information.
  • Curatorial Advice: Every project is unique, and I offer customized consulting services that meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a film, exhibition, or written work, I tailor my services to align with your project’s goals and requirements.

Potential Use Cases

  • Period Film Consulting: Advising on the historical accuracy of costumes, sets, and props to ensure that every detail of your period film is true to its time.
  • Exhibition Curation: Providing curatorial advice for museum exhibitions, ensuring that artworks and design elements are presented accurately and appealingly.
  • Historical Writing Projects: Supporting authors with detailed research and analysis to enrich historical novels, biographies, and academic works.

Contact Me for Your Next Project

Ready to ensure historical accuracy and depth in your project? Contact me today to discuss how my consulting services can provide the expertise and insights you need. Let's work together to create authentic, well-researched, and visually stunning projects that stand the test of time.