Advanced Production Services

If you have unique design needs that fuse technology, digital arts, or programming, I can provide tailored solutions. While my work is divided into specific brands for clarity, my expertise spans beyond graphic arts. As a veteran programmer, digital artist, and musician, I offer a range of services that integrate these skills for projects with specific requirements. If you're looking for a polymathic solution to a unique problem, I might be uniquely positioned to help.

Programming, Database, and App Development

Midnight Citylights brand

Midnight Citylights.


  • Adaptable to Any Language: I'm language agnostic capable of learning any in moments with a specialization in C++, python, and javascript variants.
  • Data Design and Database Administration: As a data expert and experienced data administrator, I can devise strong, logical strategies for complex data structures, management, and display.
  • App and Interface Develompent: I develop apps and interfaces for any functionality imaginable using modern frameworks, from engines like Unreal to frameworks like Electron.
  • Utilities and Packages: I create scripts and utilities to enhance efficiency and handle mass production tasks, saving time and enabling large-scale generation that would be impractical manually.
  • Imaginative Programming: I enjoy combining philosophy and programming, exploring metaphysical concepts through code, and tackling complex art production and sequencing. This allows me to solve programming problems that are imaginative and outside the box.

Digital Production Arts

Colossal Realms


  • 3D Modeling and Sculpting: Proficient in modern techniques, I offer detailed 3D modeling and sculpting services for various projects
  • Animating: With extensive experience in 3D animation, I bring characters and scenes to life with fluid, realistic motion.
  • Rigging: I provide comprehensive rigging services, including applying weights and creating a kit of moveable shapes for animators to control.
  • Shader: I have the experience and math background to create imaginative and complex shaders, enhancing the visual quality and artistic expression of models and environments.
  • Material, Texture Development: I develop detailed materials and textures, adding realism and depth to 3D models, both by hand and using modern production tools like Substance Designer and Painter.
  • Texture Painting: I excel at hand painting model and can also devise procedeural rules for specific cases.
  • 3D Printing Production Expertise: Experienced in the production techniques, approaches and thresholds of modern 3D printing and preparing models to be 3d printed, with deep knowledge of the printing itself and in post production painting techiques and effects.
  • Special FX: I create special effects for cinema, 2D, and games, including full-motion effects for scenes, sprites, particle effects, and dynamic simulations.
  • Procedeurals: I create dynamic, complex assets for procedural generation, tailored to various needs in digital production.
  • Pipeline Development: I provide comprehensive rigging services, including applying weights and creating a kit of moveable shapes for animators to control.

Have a Unique Creative or Complex Vision?

Write and let me know. I'm uniquely position with my diverse skill set to take on complex projects that might not have a clear solution. Contact me with the details on your project.